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Whenever we learn something new, or just want to share some of our experiences, we'll publish these to our Tech Blog.

I work in a LAMP environment so expect these technologies to appear regularly:

  • Linux (Fedora, RedHat, CentOS)
  • Apache/Lighttpd/Nginx (CGI, mod_perl, FastCGI, Plack)
  • MySQL, NoSQL, Solr, Memcached
  • Perl (Moose, DBIx::Class, Catalyst)
    • Posted by Rob
    • 31 October 2012
    • Development
    Fundamentals of CGI

    The Common Gateway Interface, or CGI, is an interface between a web server and any backend scripts or programs that perform a given task.

    It's very easy to get-by without knowing the full details of how CGI physically works, but this can often lead to a lack of confidence when debugging website issues.

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    • Posted by Rob
    • 19 October 2012
    • Development, Hosting
    Building Fast Websites

    Complex websites have a tendency to be slow, and can give a horrible user-experience leaving your visitors waiting for pages to load.

    To prevent this you need to look at all aspects of a website, and how it all hangs together, from the web-server, down to the very last pixel of an image.

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    • Posted by Rob
    • 16 October 2012
    • Hosting
    Website Hosting

    Choosing the right web hosting package can sometimes be a bit daunting; did you get enough bandwidth? disk space? etc. And are you paying over-the-odds for what you actually need? What is SSI and CGI anyway? Do you need a database and what about keeping your website secure?

    If you're starting to build websites, getting it hosted for others to see for the first time is sometimes a big hurdle. Viewing an HTML file in a browser is easy, just drag-and-drop, or open it the old fashioned way, but to get it truely online is a whole other story.

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