Fleet Web Design Clients

Here are some of our key clients of Fleet Web Design.

Open Source Contributions

The term Open Source means anything that has been developed where the author of such work makes all source-code available. This usually promotes very secure code since many people are able to review it, and even extend it for their own needs, sending fixes and patches back to the original author.

At Fleet Web Design we are very involved with the open-source community, specifically with the Perl programming language. This is our language of choice, and for anything other than static web-pages, we use Perl to add functionality.

An example of this type of functionality may be a simple "contact us" page which sends an email.

At the other end of the spectrum, this then extends to large ecommerce platforms that deal with thousands of transactions every minute.


CPAN, or the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, is a collection of open source software, contributed by the community and available for everyone to use. This collection is usually small snippets of code to do common tasks, such as sending an email, connecting to various databases, processing specific files, etc.

Our CPAN Contributions

Our Technical Director, Robert Brown, has released many open-source packages to the CPAN, and is a great advocate of using open source software. It is always nice to be able to contribute something back to the community.

You can find our contributions on MetaCPAN. Some of these contributions also help to extend the Catalyst framework, a system that we use day-to-day to develop sophisticated websites for clients.

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